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Assist with education of infection control measures in the classroom and clinics

While Covid-19 has taken center stage, there are still numerous typical infection control issues that plague children in group childcare and schools. We can provide staff and parents education as well as review the children’s settings for safety and infection control efficacy.

We are happy to discuss all things germs and how you can prevent your school or center from being a petri dish.

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Assist in the drafting and distribution of health education materials for children and families in the district

We can author or update materials for students and parents using current research-based health information.

Examples of parent-friendly handouts include asthma education, vaccine literacy, upper respiratory infections in children, and managing behavior challenges. All handouts come with reference material for further information as it is needed.

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Provide a resource for questions and concerns for special needs or medically fragile children

We offer advocacy for children with special needs and can assist with ARD meetings, management of inclusion in the classroom, and training for staff on medically fragile children and their care.

We assist schools and children care centers in providing a safe environment away from home for children with special healthcare needs.

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Collaborate with counseling services to develop programs on topics that affect mental and physical health, such as bullying or gender and sex education

Dr. Flippo is a Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Specialist, which means she has training to help parents and educators understand mental and behavioral healthcare needs of children. If your school or center is struggling with caring for children whose behaviors are challenging, we can assist in action plans and staff education.

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Educate staff on readmission after illness or injury, including inclusion/exclusion criteria

We provide in-person or virtual professional development for your staff on a variety of topics, or ask about developing one that meets your center’s specific needs.

Dr. Flippo is certified through the Texas Trainer Registry to design and present programs to meet the requirements for state continuing education. Current topics we are presenting include “Diversity and Inclusion in the Child Care Setting”, and “Mindfulness for Preschoolers”.

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Child Care Center Assessment

Using the ITERS-3 (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale) and the ECERS-3 (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale), we can assess the ability of your center to meet the needs of your most valuable customers, the children. If you have identified specific needs or are looking to ensure your center is well prepared for state licensing requirements, we are happy to review each classroom for its successes as well as areas for improvement.

Contact us for a proposal designed to meet the needs of your early childhood learning center or school district. Our healthcare professionals can assure your staff is prepared to care for your organization’s most important asset: the children.

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